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Hakan Tanriverdi
piqer: Hakan Tanriverdi
Mittwoch, 13.01.2016

Der IS als Revolution

Ich kopiere den Text aus dem "What We're Reading"-Newsletter der New York Times. Von dort habe ich die Empfehlung: "This remarkable, persuasive and frightening essay by a top anthropologist in Paris combines his research among disaffected youth with insights from such disparate figures as Hitler, Burke, Darwin and Hobbes, as well as close observation of the Islamic State’s advance into a “globe-spanning jihadi archipelago.” He argues that we dismiss ISIS at our peril, and that in fact, we do much to promote its growth. Some of his historical conclusions will be controversial, but this is French intellectualism at its most profound — and most useful. Here’s a telling anecdote: When Charlie Chaplin and the French filmmaker René Clair watched “Triumph of the Will” (1935), Leni Riefenstahl’s visual paean to National Socialism, “Chaplin laughed but Clair was terror-stricken, fearing that, if it were shown more widely, all might be lost in the West."

Der IS als Revolution
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