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Christoph Weigel
Christoph Weigel
Community piq
Dienstag, 28.06.2016

the "mother of conspiracy theories" and why we can't get rid of them, and maybe even shouldn't...

"in many ways, then, the marketplace of ideas does not work as advertised: it is not efficient, there are frequent crashes and failures, and dangerous products often win out, to widespread surprise and dismay. it is important to rethink the notion that the best ideas reliably rise to the top: that itself is a zombie idea, which helps entrench powerful interests. yet even zombie ideas can still be useful when they motivate energetic refutations that advance public education. yes, we may regret that people often turn to the past to renew an old theory such as flat-earthism, which really should have stayed dead. but some conspiracies are real, and science is always engaged in trying to uncover the hidden powers behind what we see. the resurrection of zombie ideas, as well as the stubborn rejection of promising new ones, can both be important mechanisms for the advancement of human understanding."

the "mother of conspiracy theories" and why we can't get rid of them, and maybe even shouldn't...
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Kommentare 2
  1. Dirk Liesemer
    Dirk Liesemer · Erstellt vor fast 3 Jahren ·

    Wow, tolle Langstrecke. Zu dem Thema könnte man auch ein Buch schreiben.

  2. Marcus von Jordan
    Marcus von Jordan · Erstellt vor fast 2 Jahren ·

    ja echt sehr interessant...ich würde gerne Dirks Buch dazu lesen! :D