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Volk und Wirtschaft

Christoph Weigel
Molekularbiologe, alle Lizenzen

age 60+, male, brainy, curious, open-eyed, ... (more later)

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Christoph Weigel
Donnerstag, 12.05.2016
Community piq

[en] a timely lesson...

the recent leak of protocols from the ongoing TTIP negotiations between the US and the EU have cast a bright light on the influence of the 'big players' in industry on politics, from both sides. who would have thought!

one crucial point, turns out, is the strong inclination of the US side to have arbitration proceedings installed by the treaty, outside courts on whatever side of the atlantic. you can get a whiff of what this "bypassing" of normal juridical procedures could mean for any future conflicts with monsanto and their ilk by sneaking into this almost absurd story of a cartoonist being fired because monsanto.

[en] a timely lesson...
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