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The "Weekend" Digest - die besten piqs unseres englischsprachigen Angebots.
Frederik Fischer
Sub-, Pop- und Netzkulturkorrespondent
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piqer: Frederik Fischer
Sonntag, 28.05.2017

The "Weekend" Digest - die besten piqs unseres englischsprachigen Angebots.

Germany Is Quietly Building A European Army Under Its Command (Quelle: Foreign Policy)

While Trump is openly questioning NATO, the need for an European military is more apparent than ever. And so is the lack of progress in forming one. Now Germany is testing a way forward by integrating armed forces of other EU nations member states like the Netherlands, Romania and the Czech Republic.

Bad To The Bone: When Children Are Born Evil (Quelle: The Atlantic)

All children can be mean but very few try to kill their family. How parents deal with a psychopath under their roof, is the question of this harrowing report.

The Girl Who Is Combating Uganda's Water Problem (Quelle: ABC)

30% of Ugandans lack access to clean water, hence diarrhoeal diseases are the fifth leading cause of death. A 19-year old from Chicago decided to do something about this and started to produce ceramic filters, eliminating 99% of known bacteria.

Evan Williams: Silicon Valley's "Don Quixote" (Quelle: New York Times)

For me personally, Evan Williams, the founder of blogger, Twitter and Medium, is one of the most inspiring visionaries in Silicon Valley. For over a decade he tirelessly works on tools to allow everyone to publish online. But after the election of Donald Trump he's wondering if that's actually a good idea.

Political Consequences Of Melting Ice In The Arctic (Quelle: Bloomberg)

Eight countries control land in the Arctic Circle. Five have coastlines to defend. The temperature is rising. The ice is melting. The race for newly accessible resources is beginning. And Russia is gaining ground. (Bloomberg Teaser) 
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