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snodialove snodia
snodialove snodia
Dienstag, 21.03.2017
Community piq

Island mammoths experienced genetic „meltdown"

On an island of Siberia a group of woolly Mammoths survived around 6,000 years ago Genetic mutations before the extinction mutation affects several smell receptors and urine proteins two components likely used in mate selection. Your coats would have been shiny and satiny rather than woolly because of the island only house between 302,000 Manus at anytime.

"So you think she's the girl for me"

"Oh, yeah, you're all right"

Now scientists are looking at how those island Woolies changed genetically in that time. They hope to learn more about how to save an endangered species. Scientists a rare and endangered animal could face a situation like this is the future where small surviving population is responsible for maintaining the species.

Island mammoths experienced genetic „meltdown"
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